The role has changed from always being the toughest attorney in the room to always being the attorney with the best idea in the room.

Tough has no relevancy when you're trying to unlock the creativity that enables wise settlements.

Obtaining Consistent & Creative Results

James R. Skirbunt

Sharon A. Skirbunt

Olia A. Harris

Kyleigh A. Condon

Creativity is the application of knowledge and experience to a given set of facts and circumstances. Creativity takes shape in the form of ideas and results in finding uncommon solutions to problems in identifying strategies for litigation and structures for settlement that are unique.

Consistency requires dedication to a practice philosophy. Consistency results from having developed skills in litigation, as well as in processes alternative to litigation, including Cooperative Divorce, Collaborative Divorce and Mediation.

We obtain consistent and creative results for our clients. These outcomes reflect the 75 years of combined experience that we bring to the unique situations of our clients and the commitment to excellence and aggressive, but compassionate, representation that we share.

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