Areas of Practice

Skirbunt & Skirbunt, LLC is widely regarded for having a distinctive competence in divorce matters involving complex marital estates, executive compensation and business valuation (the business valuation industry speaks its own unique language; one unfamiliar to many domestic relations attorneys, but one in which our attorneys are fluent).

Our clients include highly compensated executives, business owners and the spouses of such individuals. Our specific competencies in areas relevant to "corporate divorce" enable us to create structures for wise settlements that the courts (or other attorneys) may be unable to fashion.

"If you only litigate, and that's the only skill set that you can bring to the table, it's like having a toolbox with only a hammer in it. Every issue that you see, you pound, because you only have a hammer. Not every issue, especially those involving families, and particularly those involving children, needs to be pounded. You need to have a variety of skill sets available to you to be effective in this arena today." -- Jim Skirbunt


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